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Security forces in the Kurdistan region of Iraq arrested on Saturday (20 July 2019) Turkish Kurd Mazloum Dag, a suspect involved in the killing of the deputy consul of Turkey opened fire in Erbil, according to an official statement. The Security Council of the region said in a statement, "We inform citizens that the accused Mazloum Dag, whose image was published on the page of combating terrorism of Kurdistan, was arrested by the Directorate of Asayish Erbil and anti-terrorism forces"He said.

The anti-terrorism forces of the province announced on Friday that the person suspected of involvement in the murder of the deputy Turkish consul in Erbil, a Turkish Kurd, aged 27, while the Turkish Anatolia official confirmed that he is the brother of a Turkish parliamentary opposition. The anti-terrorist forces in the region published a search report attached to two photographs of a young man with black hair and a trim beard, one of which appeared to have been taken by a surveillance camera.

Wednesday's shooting killed Turkish diplomat Osman Kosiya, who was buried Thursday in Ankara and two Iraqis in a restaurant in Erbil.

The Anatolia news agency reported that Mazloum Dag is the brother of parliamentarian Derasim Dag of the pro-Kurdish Democratic People's Party of Turkey, the second opposition force in parliament accused by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of being linked to the PKK.

For its part, condemned the Democratic Peoples Party in a statement in what he considered "an attempt to provoke unacceptable at all," condemning at the same time the attack of Erbil.

Ankara, which has military bases in northern Iraq, has vowed to "respond appropriately" to the attack.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack in northern Iraq, where Iranian and Turkish Kurdish rebels are present.

But the spokesman of the armed wing of the PKK, Deyaar Denir, denied that the party had anything to do with the attack. However, many experts point to the potential responsibility of the PKK, which recently announced the deaths of officials during the Turkish raids in Iraq.

Ankara announced on Thursday that it launched a "wider" air operation against the PKK in Iraq, in response to the "despicable attack" in Erbil.

Turkey has repeatedly asserted the legitimacy of its raids to target the hideouts of the PKK, which in 1984 is waging a rebellion against Ankara, and classifies it and its Western allies as a "terrorist organization""He said.


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