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The Bahraini authorities announced on Saturday (27 July 2019) the execution of three people. Prosecutors said in a statement that the three were executed, two from one case and the third from a separate case on Saturday morning. The two men were sentenced to death by two Bahraini men convicted of "terrorism," without naming the Bahrainis, human rights organizations said. They were Ali al-Arab, 25, and Ahmad al-Mullahi, 24, who were convicted of killing. A police officer in January 2017.

According to the attorney general's statement, the subject of the first case was "to join a terrorist group, to commit murder and to possess explosives and firearms for terrorist purposes." The two persons executed were suspended in February 2017 and sentenced on 31 January 2018 and have since exhausted all appeals.

Authorities executed the third man, a Bangladeshi national who worked in a mosque and was convicted of killing a Bahraini national, imam of a mosque, and cutting off his body and disposing of it in the desert.

The United Nations and international human rights groups urgently called on the Bahraini authorities on Friday to stop the execution of the two young Bahrainis. The invitations were issued after the families of Ali Muhammad al-Arab and Issa al-Mullahi received phone calls for a private visit to them and amid reports of tightened security in their detention prison.

Bahraini law is required Allow a family visit to the person who will be executed on the day of execution.

The UN High Commissioner for Extrajudicial, Arbitrary and Arbitrary Executions has called on "the authorities in Bahrain to immediately stop any plans to execute the two youths, to abolish their death sentences and to ensure that they are re-tried in accordance with international law and standards"He said.

Amnesty International called on the Bahraini authorities to "speedily halt the execution of two men who were convicted after a mass trial after their torture." Amnesty International said in a statement that Ahmed Isa al-Mullahi and Ali Mohammed al-Arab were first convicted in a mass trial involving 60 people in January 2018.

Lamea Fakih, acting Middle East director at Human Rights Watch, said the king of Bahrain had "grossly committed to the death penalty despite the allegations of torture and other concerns about due process". "Correct the error" by canceling the two judgments.


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