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Come or not come? LONDON (Reuters) – German international Leroy Sani is moving from Manchester City to Bayern Munich, which puts him on top of the list of players he wants to join in preparation for next season.

Despite the club's announcement that they are not interested in selling their wing to Leroy Sanet during the summer transfer market, Bayern officials occasionally make comments to revive fans' hope that the deal could be made before the closing of the Mercato in Britain on August 8, 2019.

But the deal seems to be getting more complicated as more parties step in. After announcing on Monday (July 39, 2019) that Sani's move to Bayern could fail because of a Bavarian sports company, too.

By the beginning of this summer, Puma, a sports outfit based in the city of the Bavarian city of Herzog, has become an official sponsor of Manchester City. According to a report in the Evening News, the company has offered to pay the German national of 1.1 million euros for the care of his shoes, if he decided to stay in the Union Stadium.

However, this does not undermine the belief of the Bavarian administration to win the signing of Sani, the German newspaper "Bild" Tuesday (30 July 2019) a signal may be crucial for the talks between the two teams behind the scenes, the German champions decided to postpone the date of capture The official image of the team in preparation for the next season.

According to the German newspaper, the new date for taking the picture will be the beginning of September 2019, a day before the closure of the transfer window officially in Germany on the second of September. Bayern hopes Bayern hopes to complete some of the transfer deals, including Sani's move, which coach Niko Kovac recently said: "I think we can finally get Sani's services."

Bundesliga champions Bundesliga are in desperate need of a second-half finish after Frank Ribery and Rijn Robben have left their mark at the end of last season after leaving clear marks on how the Bavarian club has played for many years..


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