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The challenge facing Bayern Munich is not Hain. On the one hand, there is a budget for the contract of at least seven players, not exceeding 250 million euros. On the other hand, the Bavarian want to win the Champions League or at least to reach the golden box of the European competition, without the use of big names.
The Bavarian, who usually buys and does not make stars, is now forced to develop a unique recipe or "strategy" as his administration put it.

It seems that the management of the club has been quick before the start of the season after two weeks, as the chief executive of Bayern Karl Heinz Rummenigge revealed to the German newspaper "Bild" that the bet is coupled with "relying on four young players do not cost the club large sums, "He said. "We also have to hire at least players who can play in the first team," says the former German player. "We will not contribute to all these follies," he said, referring to crazy deals on the transfer market.
This is not the only point that haunted the German club president, but rather the wage dilemma. "The long-overdue development has been paying a net profit." This is a real problem for clubs that pay not only the penalty requirement for the transfer deals, but the player's salary and income tax to the country in which the latter lives.

Vorstandsvorsitzender Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, FC Bayern München (picture-alliance)

Munich chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

"Imagine, with a salary at the salary level of the Frenchman Grazmann (more than 20 million euros a year), for example, the club will have to pay hard pay, enough to pay two players," Rummenigge explains.
But are these players capable of ensuring the success of the Bavarian? "We are in third place in the UEFA rankings, so we are among the first European teams, and Munich is a fantastic city, and we have a great stadium," said Rummenigge.
However, Rummenigge's remarks ignored the difficulties his club faces even in these weeks to sign a new wing. All attempts by Bavarian to contract new attackers such as Leroy Sani or Osman Dembli hit the rigor of the money law. At a time when the Bavarian urgently needs new blood.

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