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"It was like a bomb that I did not hear yet, when will it stop?" Bayern Munich and Germany's Yoshwa Kimesh have commented on Bayern Munich striker Uli Hoeness's 67-year-old intention not to run again. "I did not know Bayern only with Uli Hoeness, I do not know whether it's a fact or a rumor," Kimesh said.

The newspaper "Bild" German has revealed that Hoeness is in the process of ending a long period of stay in the chair at the Bavarian club. For 40 years in the Bavarian kingdom, he has won 44 titles, including 24 Bundesliga titles, 14 German Cups and two Champions League matches in all of the posts he has held.

David Alapa stressed that it was difficult for him to "imagine Bayern without Ole," and the Austrian defender said: "At the very first moment it was a big shock, I was not ready to hear such a story."

However, other Bavarian players were more cautious in their comments, as Bayern midfielder Leon Goritska, who scored the winner's goal in the Champions League on Tuesday, said: "He is the most influential person in decades. I can not say more about that, "he said.

Team striker Thomas Muller did not want to comment on a possible farewell to Uli Hoeness. "We only heard about it in the media. I have no other information," he said. Team coach Niko Kovac, who declined to comment, also appeared.

"Uli Hoeness is a good person, he has built Bayern, and this is his biggest achievement, but he also deserves to spend more time with his family," substitute goalkeeper Sven Ulraish said. But it was not for this effort that Bayern did not reach the level it is today. "He did great things for the club, and he will certainly stay in contact with the club even after he steps down."

The Bayern administration has not yet provided any clarification on the sudden Bild report. Club president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge declined to comment on the news.

In the spring of this year, Uli Hoeness had hinted at his decision on his future with the club. "He was always hesitant to draft the appropriate decision," he said. Season 2018/2019 ", which eventually happened.

Adidas former chief executive and club board member Herbert Haines, 65, is the favorite of Hoeness to succeed him as president, the newspaper said. If former goalkeeper Oliver Kahn takes over from Karl Heinz Rumminger in 2021, the Bavarian club will enter a new era.

"I have been in this position for two or three years, and I want to hand over my successor a strong club with full cupboards," Hoeness said in an interview in November last year.

Hoeness played the Bavarian club until 1979, and after the end of his career he was assigned a leadership position at the club. In 2009 he became president of the club, but he gave up the post in early June 2014 during his prison term due to tax evasion. After his release, he returned to the club in autumn 2016 to take over as president again in 2017.

Bavarian finished his tour of the United States for the International Cup of Champions, a friendly tournament, beating Real Madrid and AC Milan and losing to Arsenal.


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