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Bayern celebrated his elegant victory during his US tour of Real Madrid. On the 50th anniversary of the first man to land on the moon, German football champions beat Real Madrid 3-1 with one goal in Houston, where the US space agency NASA is based. Nikko Kovac crowned the event with a congratulatory message: "I congratulate the two teams for this great game, and we played with our game, while the opponent is still upset."

In the 15th minute, Corinthine Toliso scored a goal, while Levandowski scored in the 67th minute and Gnabri scored in the 69th minute. Bayern ended the match with ten men after Zoran Orlj were sent off in the 81st minute. Rodrigo Goss made sure to score the only Real Madrid goal in the 85th minute, In the toughest corner on goalkeeper Noir.

The match was the first appearance of Belgium's new international star Edine Hazard, who has just arrived to Chelsea from Chelsea for about 100 million pounds. So analysts considered Bayern Munich's victory over Hazzard to be his start with Real, who came from Chelsea for £ 100m.

Eleven players took part in the first half of the Royal League before being fully replaced in the second half, but Welsh winger Gareth Bell followed the game from the stands as he approached the Real.

Fußball Freundschaftsspiel | FC Bayern München vs Real Madrid (Reuters / USA TODAY Sports / K. Jairaj)

Vyandowski receives congratulations from his teammates for his goal against Real Madrid

"I do not have a personal problem," Zidane said in response to a question about whether there was a personal problem between him and Bill. Anything against Gareth. " Zidane said in response to another question about Bill's desire to always continue, and whether
"It will happen within 24 or 48 hours. The situation will change for the benefit of all."

For his part, Captain Manuel Noir spoke about "a really great match", which seemed to be positively positive for the reason that "we scored three goals against the Real".

He noted that Zinedine Zidane, the Real Madrid coach, had signed a contract with Real Madrid star Tony Crosse worth more than 100 million euros. A crowd of more than 60,000 people saw a trial at the Houston stadium.


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