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Joe Kaiser, chief executive of Siemens, a German industrial giant, was named Donald Trump's US president by becoming a "face of racism and exclusion." Keizer wrote on Twitter that this saddened him, noting that he lived for many years in the United States, where he lived "freedom, tolerance and openness, as he had not lived at any time before."

Siemens has about 20% of its revenue in the United States. This sharp and unusual criticism comes from Kizer to Trump as a reaction to an article about Trump's attack on four Democrats in the US Congress.

Trump wrote again on Twitter today that the four female deputies were not capable of loving their country and demanded that they "apologize for their horrifying and hateful criticism of America." Trump had called on many Democratic female deputies to return to their alleged homelands and solve problems there, instead of advising the United States.

The four politicians are American citizens, three of whom were born in the United States, and the fourth was born in Somalia, but obtained US citizenship during adolescence.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized Trump's attack on the four female deputies, saying individuals of different nationalities had helped strengthen the United States, adding that Trump's remarks were counterproductive and undermined America's strengths.

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