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In the last few seasons of the German Bundesliga, competition between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund has intensified. As usual, this competition will not begin at the start of the league on August 16, but will continue even during the summer vacation and in the preparations.
Since the Bavarian crowned the title last season, Dortmund has launched his moves according to a tight plan, and is now more ready to fight a new battle. Bayern are still floundering in the details of the deals and the meager budget to hire new players that are not in line with their expectations, according to the newspaper "Abend Munich".

Ready assortment

While Allianz Arena officials are still debating the need to hire a player or a wing, the Dortmund squad is ready. 127 million euros invested by the club yellow and black in order to strengthen its ranks. International Yulian Brand assigned him the task of compensating Polizic not Chelsea's current Chelsea in the center of the wing. Paco Alcacer After scoring 18 goals in 26 league games for Dortmund last season, the club officially signed him.

On the defensive line, Mats Hummels of Bayern and relying on German international Nikko Schultz, the former Hoffenheim player, will ensure continuity and efficiency in performance through a mix of experience and youth.
Turgan Hazzard in turn, from the successful deals concluded by Dortmund. The team is also in the process of signing Croatian giant Mario Mandzukic. In general, Dortmund's 34-man squad looks complete.

Strenuous search for a fulcrum player

On the other side, Lucas Hernández and Benjamin Pavard, the French defense arm of the Bavarian next season. But the players will have an open experience, no one knows how it will develop. While many of Dortmund's deals have been made with players who have already taken the club shirt and are familiar with Edona Park.
There is also a full-fledged search in Munich for the defensive midfielder, but all attempts by Bayern have so far failed. The team still needs a wing to strengthen the attack behind and around Robert Levandowski. In addition, a third wing, along with Kingsley Koman and Serge Gannapri, would be the best solution if one of them was hit again.

Adding to the Bavarian shortage is that Colombian Khamis Rodríguez does not want to stay in Munich at all, and his move will lead Thomas Muller to the center of the attack behind the spearhead Lefandowski.
But in Dortmund there is satisfaction at the level of the attacking line: Mario Gutsa, Richard Hazard and Paco Alcacer, the three can lead the attack. This is not Bayern's fortitude, but even now, he says, he can not even think of an alternative to Lefandowski if he is injured.

Different objectives
"We want to crown the title," was a clear message from Dortmund captain Marco Ruiz immediately after the curtain on the previous league. On the other hand, the Bayern stars are focused exclusively on the Champions League.
It may be logical that Bayern are back in the local title, even at its worst. Bayern have the ability to correct the situation at any moment and this is what happened during the last season, when he turned the table on Dortmund in the second part of the league and eventually got what he wanted, and only the rival runner-up.
On the other hand, others believe that if Bayern players focus on the Champions League, they will risk the league title, and this team has a lot of buddies, not only Borussia Dortmund.

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