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Since his move to Liverpool and the Egyptian star Mohammed Salah has been on the rise, the left foot has won more than one individual award in the English Premier League, as well as crowned weeks before the Champions League.

Mohammed Salah was able to put his name firmly in the top of the round, especially as he has a great skill over the green rectangle, help him to make the difference in more than once, and lead the "Ridz" to achieve victory after another.

And opened the talent of the Egyptian star in front of him, in order to continue his strong numbers, but this time in a field far from football, the site of the newspaper, "Liverpool Echo" that Mohammed Salah, ranked 12th in the world among the stars of the most profitable sport on the site of communication Social "entgram"He said.

As for the profits of the star, "Reds", amounted to about 131 thousand pounds for each publication on the site, "Ingram", according to the annual ranking of the list of the rich "Intgram" published site "hopperhq". A specialist in the analysis of the data of the "Intgram" site.

Mohammed Salah, 27, has nearly 30.5 million people at Ingestram. He is also involved in advertising campaigns for several international brands, such as Adidas and Pepsi, which contributed to this great figure for every publication on ""He said.

The Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo ranked first among the athletes, receiving $ 975 thousand on each publication, while Brazilian star Neymar da Silva second with 722 thousand dollars, and the legend of Barcelona Lionel Messi third, 648 thousand dollars for every publication on "Ingram"He said.

Mohammed Salah will soon join the Liverpool team, which plans to defend his title in the Champions League, as well as trying to win the Premiership title absent from the coffers of the "Ridds" several years ago.

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