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German Development Minister Gerd Mueller on Monday called on the new European Commission to launch a "new initiative" to support Mediterranean countries in saving migrants.

"We should not wait for an agreement among all European countries (on the rescue of immigrants)," Muller told the Neue Osnabruker Zeitung newspaper.

Muller also stressed the importance of forming an immediate international rescue mission to help refugees in Libya. He added: "It is necessary to have a joint humanitarian initiative between Europe and the United Nations to save refugees on Libyan territory." He warned of the deaths of refugees and migrants in mass detention centers as a result of violence or hunger, The result of thirst in the desert when trying to return, or the result of drowning in the sea when trying to reach Europe.

The debate continues in Europe about saving migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean and distributing them to European countries, with some European countries refusing to receive them.

"We must end the tragedy"
After Malta allowed the ship "Alain Kurdi", which was carrying 65 migrants docking at one of its ports on Sunday evening, the temporary joint president of the Social Democratic Party in Germany, Manuela Schweisig, to the fair distribution of refugees to the European Union.

"We must end the tragedy in the Mediterranean immediately, and for that we need a common European solution for the distribution of refugees," Schweisig told the Fonke media daily on Monday.

For his part, Chief Operating Officer of the Sea Watch 3, Philip Han, defended their decision not to return the migrants who rescued them last month to Libya.

"The situation in refugee shelters is inhumane and people are very much threatened to be forced to work and live in slavery-like conditions," Han told the Zewd-Zeitung newspaper on Monday.

Han also criticized the German government for not preparing for maritime rescue, noting that German politicians had plenty of time to prepare for it so they would not need NGOs. "People in Europe want a policy that deals humanely with the challenges of Immigration ".


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