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German government spokesman Stephan Zeibert said Monday that Germany does not intend to send ground troops to Syria, adding that the government intends only to continue the current military contributions to the alliance against the organization "Dahesh", the aircraft reconnaissance of The Tornado, a refueling aircraft and the dispatch of military trainers to Iraq.

"When I say that the federal government intends to continue the current actions within the framework of a counter-offensive alliance, it does not include as it is known ground forces."

The United States has asked Germany to support the war against the remnants of the Islamic state organization by calling ground troops to support the Syrian-led Kurdish-led forces in northeastern Syria.
James Jeffrey, the US special envoy to Syria and the international coalition against Da'ash, wants the German government to send training troops, logistical experts and technical workers from the German army.
"We want ground troops from Germany to replace our soldiers in part," Geoffrey told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa and the German weekly Welt am Sonntag. "We expect a response before the end of this month," Geoffrey told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

(Dpa) (Reuters)

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