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The European Association for Consumer Protection warned Thursday (July 25, 2019) that ink and other chemicals used in paper straws, coffee cups and paper food containers may produce harmful substances and called on the EU to regulate the use of paper wrappers in food packaging.

The European Organization for Consumer Protection, which includes national associations, said that paper is the second most used material in food packaging after plastic. The European Union regulates the use of chemicals in plastic packaging, and disposable plastic materials are to be banned from 2021.

"The same is not true for paper packaging," she said, noting that the current mix of national rules puts some consumers at risk. More than 5,000 chemicals are used for the manufacture of inks used in food packaging.

These include dyes, solvents and additives. No toxicity test was conducted for most of these substances. Laboratory tests conducted on behalf of the organization found that more than two out of six samples contained essential aromatic amines, chemicals used to obtain yellow, orange and red, some of which are suspected to cause cancer.

The WHO added that it found nine samples out of 76 samples, in violation of EU rules for plastic packaging.


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