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Media reports have revealed that the Spanish champions are about to sign Colombian playmaker Khamis Rodríguez, 28, with the Spanish newspaper Marca citing some sources as saying that the deal being quietly cooked is now very mature.

These developments come as a lot of recent news has been reported about Naples coming close to winning the Colombian star to play under the eyes of former coach Carlo Ancelotti. But it seems that Real's "exaggerated" demands have prevented the transfer of the player to the Italian league, as the president of Napoli de Laurentis recently explained.

The club is hoping to get rid of Rodriguez as soon as possible after he is out of Zinedine Zidane's account, but at the same time he has lifted his terms to Napoli, not wanting less than 42 million euros for a final loan instead of secondment.

German reports have also recently pointed out that Paris Saint-Germain is also thinking of entering the line and signing Khamis.

But it seems that the financial wealth that has flowed into the coffers of Atletico Madrid to sell five of its players and the biggest with Barcelona will make it easier for Rochi Blancos to win the services of the player, especially as his manager Diego Simeone wanted to include a star of the Rodríguez to strengthen his ranks after the departure of French star Antoine Griesman to Barcelona the current summer transfer.

It seems that Atletico wants to exploit the desire of the Colombian to stay and live in Madrid. Atletico wants to exploit this and pressure the arch-rival Real Madrid to allow his departure.

Rodriguez spent the past two seasons as Bayern Munich's Bundesliga rivals, scoring 67 goals and scoring 15 goals and 20 assists.

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