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Just before the African Nations Cup whistle in Egypt, Algeria was not among the favorites to win the title. The Algerian national team has passed through a relatively long vacuum and has failed to qualify for the last World Cup, although its squad is full of top stars, including Manchester City's Riyad Mehrez.

However, the Algerian team is now against all expectations, and has become one of the most prominent candidates for the title of the most expensive football in the "continent." The "desert warriors" are credited with the Algerian coach Gamal Belmadi, whose attitude to the team has been very clear.

High spirit

One of the most important strengths of the Algerian team is the high spirit of this African "football". Gamal Belmâdi has succeeded in creating a strong spirit in the Algerian players without exception, by taking advantage of his great ability to motivate the players, In their pack.

It is noted that the captain of the ship of Algeria, does not stop giving instructions for minutes to the players, to do more effort over the green rectangle. For example, in the match between Algeria and Guinea in the role of the 16th, Algeria fought for each ball, and continued the attack and pressure on the opponent despite their progress in the result (the match ended with Algeria 3-0).

Tactical thought

Gamal Belmadi proved to be a very good coach for reading the opponent. On the one hand, the Algerian coach puts tactical plans in line with the keys to the team and gives him a clear preference over the competing teams. On the other hand, the distinctive tactical thinking of Belmadi complicates the plans of the competing teams, which have so far failed to stop the Algerian national team.

Gamal Belmadi relies on team play, where everyone contributes to the process of building the attack and the ball moves very quickly between different lines. The "desert warriors" also impose very strong pressure on the competing teams, preventing them from leaving their regions and advancing towards the Algerian goal.

In addition, the Algerian team has a strong defensive line, which has not yet been broken. As well as the strong midfield role in drawing the ball from the opponent and creating scoring opportunities for the attack, led by star Baghdad Bungah.

Gygypten Afrika-Cup - Algerien vs. Guinea (picture-alliance / AP Photo / A. Schalit)

Algeria continue their successful career in the African Cup of Nations.

The status of the national coach

Gamal Belmadi's brilliance will reopen the debate on the importance of the role of the national voter in overseeing the training of his country. A large number of Arab teams have been relying on foreign voters for years and have the potential to succeed. However, the results are not in line with expectations.

In a recent report, the magazine John Afrique noted a significant disparity in the wages of the coaches of the teams participating in the African Nations Cup. In terms of the Arab teams, Egypt's coach Javier Aguirre issued the list with a monthly salary of about 108 thousand euros. Morocco coach Herve Rennard is third on the list with 80,000 euros, while Algeria coach Gamal Belmadi is fifth with a monthly salary of 55,000 euros.

Gamal Belmadi hopes to continue his successful career with Algeria and lead his country to winning the African title that has been absent from Algeria's coffers for decades.

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