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* Started his career as a British journalist in the 1980s and has been working in the most prestigious newspapers, including Times, Daily Telegraph and Spectator.

* The former British prime minister was impressed with his political articles, which helped him penetrate the political center in the time of the Bloc, though the late Prime Minister John Major was not one of his readers.

* Editor-in-chief of Spectator magazine in 1999 and stayed until 2005

* Elected Mayor of London in 2008.

* One of his most important achievements when he was mayor of London, prevented him from drinking alcohol in public transport.

* In the 2001 elections he was elected to the House of Commons for the Henley region and became one of the country's most prominent politicians.

As long as his job as a journalist contradicted his political career and positions, while he was a deputy in parliament, he retained the position of editor of Spectator magazine.

In an article published by Spectator on July 16, 2005, after the suicide attacks in London, he called for fighting Islamic extremism, prompting many Islamists to wage war against him.

* In 2012 re-elected mayor of London.

* In 2015 he returned to the House of Commons as a deputy for the Oxbridge area.

* Appointed by Teresa May as Foreign Minister on 13 July 2016, he remained in office until 9 July 2018, where he resigned following the Breakest crisis.

* During his recent visit to the United Kingdom, US President Donald Trump said about Boris's candidacy for the post of prime minister of Britain. "I know the different players, but I think Boris will improve his job, I think he will be excellent, he likes me."

* Wrote many books.

* Educated at Primrose Hill Elementary School, he studied at Camden European School in Brussels, Eaton College and Baligh College in Oxford.

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