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The British Foreign Office announced on Wednesday (July 10) the resignation of the British ambassador to Washington after leaking confidential documents he had sent to his government describing Trump's administration as "clumsy" and "incompetent." Trump "short-term".

"Since the leak of official documents from the embassy, ​​there has been a lot of speculation about my position and the duration of my stay as ambassador," Ambassador Kim Daroush said in his letter of resignation. "I want to put an end to this speculation, the current situation makes it impossible for me to do my job as I want," he said.

In her first reaction, British Prime Minister Theresa May expressed her regret that the British ambassador to the United States felt compelled to resign from the post, noting that officials were required to "give full and frank advice." "I spoke this morning to Sir Kim Druck, I told him it was very regrettable to feel compelled to leave office," Mae told parliament.

Darush is one of Washington's most experienced diplomats, who arrived in January 2016 before Donald Trump won the US presidency.

After the Mail On Sunday published secret memos last Saturday, US President Trump led a sharp attack on Ambassador Kim Darruch, claiming that he was a "very stupid man" on Tuter's website. He also stressed in a number of tweets that the White House will not yet deal with this ambassador.

Trump also used the opportunity to attack outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May for dealing with the issue of Britain's exit from the European Union, reiterating his criticisms in the past but declined to mention that during his recent visit to Britain.

WB / HZ (AFP, AFP, Reuters)

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