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The Central Council of Jews in Germany called for the restructuring of the German Constitution Protection Commission (Internal Intelligence). The president of the council, Joseph Schuster, said Wednesday (July 10) in Berlin that federal and state political circles should take the anniversary of the verdict against the extreme right-wing NSO cell for a critical verification of the The effects of the NSU case and the current structures of constitutional protection bodies.

Schuster said the restructuring should not only include expanding intelligence powers, but also the ways in which domestic intelligence deals with informants and improve cooperation between federal and state intelligence agencies.

Schuster pointed out that the growing number of right-wing extremists who are prepared for violence should be a warning signal to society. On July 11, 2018, the Munich District Court, after a five-year trial, sentenced the NUU cell to life imprisonment for the death of the only surviving member of the cell, Beate Tsechbeh, for life in 10 cases. The court also sentenced four other defendants to prison. "Since the murder of the government official in Kassel, Walter Lubke, it has become clear that the cell perimeter has not been sufficiently detected," Schuster said.

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