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Drought, floods and hurricanes are just some of the natural disasters caused by climate change that force millions of people around the world to leave their homes and migrate to other areas.

As the effects of climate change mount in Europe, which is experiencing unprecedented heat waves, and at a time when the old continent is still trying to solve the problem of immigration, some voices are calling for asylum for people forced to migrate because of climate change disasters and so-called "climate migrants" , Which is controversial in Germany.

Controversy about "Climate Immigrants"
Carola Rakeet, the leader of the German rescue ship, who is trying in Italy after rescuing immigrants from drowning, has called on European countries to accept such immigrants as well. "There is a forced migration, that is migration by external circumstances such as climate," she told the Bild newspaper. We have an option because we can not simply say that we do not want these people. "

He called on European countries to receive about half a million migrants in Libya.

Rakeet's call to welcome "climate immigrants" and immigrants from Libya angered some politicians in Germany.

"We can not accept anyone who wants to come to us … We must not create additional incentives, but we must reduce the number of refugees," he said.

But the party's internal affairs spokeswoman, Olla Yelbeke, supported Rakeet's demands and said on Twitter that the German government should welcome all the refugees in Libya.

Reason enough to accept asylum?
Although the Global Compact for Refugees adopted by the UN General Assembly at the end of 2018 recognizes that climate and natural disasters lead to increased refugee movements, there is still no universally agreed or legally binding definition of "climate refugees" .

The head of the Migration, Environment and Climate Change Division of the International Organization for Migration, Dina Ionescu, said climate change should be talked about rather than "climatic asylum." In an article posted on the UN website, the media repeatedly urged to talk about what they call climate refugees "He said.

UNESCO supports its view of not talking about "climate asylum", which requires that the 1951 Geneva Convention be amended, which could weaken the asylum status of fugitives from persecution and violence.

And the possibility of working on a new convention on "climate asylum", UNESCO believes that this may take a very long time and may not be approved by some countries.

Fear of the migration of all to Europe?
The United Nations says about 17 million new cases of natural disaster-related displacement have been registered in 148 countries and territories a year 2018 At the same time, the drought has displaced 764,000 people in Somalia, Afghanistan and several other countries.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), around 265 million people have been forced to leave their homes between 2008 and 2018 due to climate disasters, and experts warn that these figures are increasing.

But immigration researcher Dr. Olaf Claist dismisses the claims of those who fear that the majority of "climate migrants" will go to Europe. "Most of those affected by climate disasters do not risk emigrating to Europe," he said, adding that they can not pay smugglers.

"Climate-induced migration is often an internal migration," Ionescu agrees.

"Developed countries must shoulder their responsibilities"
German Development Minister Gerd Müller stressed that developed countries bear the responsibility for climate change in particular, stressing the need to help the people of countries affected by climate change to have a future in their home country.

German historian Eugen Tsimmer believes that European countries have a "historic responsibility" for Africa, in reference to the colonial era in Africa. "After 600 years of colonization, those who have been colonized come to us," he told Bild newspaper.

The German historian believes that the only solution to stop immigration is "global social justice." "In Europe, we must give up the living so that people in the south of the world can know it."

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