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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp seems to have been elusive when he said early March that the "red" transfer market was quiet, unlike in previous seasons.

"We do not live in a fantasy world where one can get what we want, we can not do it all the time," coach Jurgen Klopp told reporters on Monday.

In the previous seasons, Liverpool had made a huge investment in a number of stars, with Dutch defender Van Dijk signing for 84.65 million euros, Brazilian keeper Alison for 62.5 million, Guinean Nabi Keita for 60 million and midfielder Fabiniu for 45. And Egyptian star Mohammed Salah for 42 million euros. Which was reflected in the start of the club strong hugging the European title, which has been absent from the coffers for decades.

Liverpool's name stayed away from newspaper headlines when we saw the transfer and speculation about deals in the millions, but it was only a deal that was nothing more than crumbs compared to the figures that came with the news of the transfers of the major European league clubs. The heart of the Dutch defense was bought by the 17-year-old Dutchman Sepp van den Berg In the Dutch first league league against 1.9 million euros.

This fact is well understood by the club, quoted by the German newspaper Bild-Sport as saying that Liverpool should economize on spending. "There seem to be four clubs in the world that can invest heavily in the current Mercato – Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain – they can easily get what they need."

"We have to take good care of our money and know where to spend," he said.

But Clube said he was happy with his current team and would try to improve it away from the transfer market. "This year will not be the end for Liverpool, next year there will be a new transfer window and this team has invested heavily in it, now we have to work to improve it," he said, although a number of players left the "red" Ingez, Daniel Sturridge and Alberto Moreno.

Liverpool finished second in the Premier League behind Manchester City last season before beating Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League final.


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