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The issue of German Ambassador Carola Rakeitha raised the debate again about the European Union's policy on the issue of asylum, not only immigration, but also that the issue of Rakeith had enjoyed an unprecedented amount of solidarity by many Europeans. Solidarity came in the form of demonstrations in several German and French cities. As well as donation campaigns that have succeeded, in a very short period, in raising huge amounts of money.

Now, the German non-governmental watchdog Sea Watch is offering part of the donations raised to its ship's leader, Carola Rakeet, to other organizations working to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean. A spokesman for the organization, Robin Noegebauer. "A committee has been set up to distribute funds, because we want to use funds as effectively as possible not only for our organization, but also to see where there is an urgent need," he told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

The spokesman said that the committee includes representatives of relief organizations and the network of "Zi Brokha," which is dedicated to rescue migrants from drowning in the sea, adding that part of the donations will be allocated to cover the costs of the trial Rakeet.

Two well-known German journalists launched a campaign of contributions to the leader of the Sea Watch 3, Carola Raketé, after the Italian authorities arrested her on 29 June 2019. The donations amounted to about 1 million euros within days.

Rakeet, 31, has been released but has been under investigation in Italy. The German Kabtana faces several charges of inciting illegal immigration and resisting the orders of public officials and of a military vessel.

New mechanism for the distribution of immigrants!

Did not prevent the Italian government rescue ship "C" only from entering its ports. But even the CIA. Her rescue ship, called "Alain Kurdi", headed for the shores of Malta at the end of the last week. The German government has announced its readiness to receive immigrants on the "Alain Kurdi" ship, but at the same time Berlin does not expect the refugees to be distributed to European Union countries. Michael Roth, German Minister for European Affairs, believes that the appropriate solution would be to form a group of countries wishing to receive immigrants.

On the other hand, EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs Demetris Aframopoulos has called for a temporary mechanism for the distribution of refugees to EU member states. "The challenges of migration can not be the responsibility of Italy and Malta only because they are located on the Mediterranean," Avramopoulos told the Velt newspaper. "Until the new amended rules on the distribution of refugees according to the so-called Dublin system become a reality, I call upon all EU member states to expedite their work and reach interim agreements to deal with refugees following their departure from rescue vessels," Avramopoulos added.

Avramopoulos pointed out that the European Commission is seeking solutions to individual cases among member states, such as recently dealt with the case of the German rescue ship "Sea Watch 3," adding that such recurrence should be avoided in the future, which requires cooperation of the European Union with other countries To prevent individuals from risking their lives during flight and to have access to Europe by legitimate means if they need protection.

Calls for an emergency solution to save the lives of migrants in Libya

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has called on European countries to pay more attention to refugees in Libya. "We call upon the European governments to exploit all their political relations with the Libyan government to improve the conditions of the people in the detention camps," the representative of the organization's branch in Germany, Dominique Barch, told the German newspaper Welt on Tuesday (9 July 2019). The goal is to have all these individuals released from the camps. Barch said the refugees should be removed from Libya "as a life-saving emergency solution," adding that UNHCR welcomes German Development Minister Gerhard Muller's proposal to rescue refugees directly from Libya.

Reports have confirmed the worsening situation of migrants in Libyan detention centers. Reports of ill-treatment, torture and rape were reported, and an attack on the immigration detention center in Tajwara, Libya, killed some 53 migrants.

With. H / (AFP, AFP, KNA)

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