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Unusual free waves sweeping Europe and discussions on the best ways to deal with extreme heat, what are the most common mistakes in dealing with heat and the best ways to overcome them:

Cold bath .. The most prominent daily habits wrong: Cold morning bath of the constants of the day many during the hot summer days, which is counterproductive, cold water leads to the secretion of the body more sweat and the loss of lots of fluids, so it is always better to shower with lukewarm water.

Do not get rid of the cover: Getting rid of blankets during sleep is automatic when the temperature rises, which increases the risk of colds, especially as the body temperature decreases during sleep, so it is better to use light covers at night, rather than abandon them completely.

Hot water drink: Do not be surprised, the hot water drink, which is usually used to warm the body in cold winter days or for abdominal and bone pain, has other uses. According to Bayern 1, experts recommend putting the water in the refrigerator all day and putting it on bed before bedtime. Gives a nice cooler for the bed while sleeping.

No Fan: Experts warn of the heavy damage to sleeping in front of fan air, but what you can do is to tie the lid of your bed in a tent-like shape and then direct the cold fan air inside for some time before bed.

Wet Curtains: Wet cotton fabrics can be used as curtains on windows to get cool air when the temperature is too hot..

Take care of your dining table during the summer: There is no place for fatty foods and heavy meals during hot days. Salads, fruits and fish, are suitable options for the summer. Experts recommend, according to the magazine "Stern" German, to increase the fruits and vegetables rich in liquids, such as melons and cucumbers.

The advice of experts repeated in all seasons and conditions, is to drink plenty of water and fluids, to avoid problems of heart arrhythmias and falling circulation due to extreme heat.


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