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A three-day conference organized by the Rogva Center for Strategic Studies in Syria on Saturday (July 6, 2019), launched a working paper entitled "The International Forum on Raising" in the city of Amouda, the most important challenges after the announcement of the elimination of the "succession" Islamic state ", after being stripped of the last areas of control in the east of the country, according to organizers. The conference brings together about 200 participants, including experts and researchers residing in the United States and French lawyers, as well as Kurdish self-government officials, organizers said.

"There is a global consensus that urgent action must be taken to deal with the thousands of foreign fighters from a sympathetic organization and their followers, as well as the children associated with it and currently held in north-eastern Syria," the Rogova Center said in a statement. "But there is hardly any consensus on the shape of this move."

The Syrian Democratic Forces, a coalition of Kurdish and Arab factions backed by Washington, on March 23 managed to expel the organization from its last point of control in the east of the country, after a broad offensive backed by the US-led international coalition.

They are holding about 1,000 foreign fighters in its jails, while some 13,000 members of the group's foreign fighters are held in camps run by northerners in Syria. These are a burden on self-management, which repeatedly calls on Western countries, especially the coalition countries, to shoulder their responsibilities and restore their citizens to be tried on their territory.

With the reluctance of the majority of these countries, the international community called for the establishment of a special international tribunal to try them in Syria and to support them to build new prisons ready and provide more assistance to the camps. In neighboring Iraq, foreign "messengers" who have been transferred from Syria are being tried. Recently, 11 French nationals were sentenced to death for belonging to the Islamic State. Iraq has proposed coalition states, a government source told AFP in April, "the trial of the foreign Da'isin currently held by the Kurds in Syria … for $ 2 billion."

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