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Since her marriage to King Mohammed VI of Morocco In 2002, Princess Lalla was kidnapped Salma has shed light in various forums, both locally and internationally, at a time when the wives of Moroccan kings throughout history have been out of the limelight.

That was why her absence, which drew the attention of all, also occurred inside and outside Morocco, and raised many questions and left the door open to a torrent of rumors has not ended yet.

In this regard, some international newspapers, including Spanish newspapers, went on to discuss the news of the divorce of the Princess from King Mohammed VI, but the news remained without official confirmation, to appear at the beginning of 2018 a picture of King Mohammed VI after a heart surgery in Paris, Members of the royal family made up of his brothers and sons, with the exception of his wife Lalla Salma, which fueled the rumors and raised questions about the absence of the princess again.

News of the divorce of the Princess of the King of Morocco has been circulating in the international press and social networking sites without comment from the Royal Palace, while newspapers and some sites talked about the emergence of La Salma during some activities, such as the fight against cancer and its public appearance with her daughter Princess Khadija in the courtyard of Jemaa El Fna, The last official appearance in 2017, as stated in the site "Haspris" e-mail, quoting the site "Al-Ayyam.

Recently, a statement was issued by the royal family lawyer, Eric Debon Morretti, published French magazine "Gala" Last Saturday (July 20, 2019), and sparked controversy again about the Moroccan princess, who disappeared from the limelight.

King Mohammed VI and his former wife, Princess Lalla Salma, deny the news about deep family disputes over the recent flight from Morocco with Crown Prince Hassan.

Princess Lalla Salma, accompanied by the crown prince, without their daughter Princess Khadija, has traveled to Greece since the beginning of July for the summer vacation, strongly promoting the popular escape of Lalla Salma. "The rumors about the escape of Princess Salma or the kidnapping of their sons, which has been promoted since July, are false news,.


The title of the "former wife", which was launched by Princess Lalla Salma and repeated in the published lawyer's statement, attracted the attention of social networking leaders, who went on to circulate the statement as an official confirmation of the divorce of the king and princess. Of the scenarios.

Kommentar über die Scheidung von Marokkos König (facebook / sasalmi)

In return, he was considered a follower Others say that to go into the private life of the king is bad for him, and that the subject does not matter to the people and adds nothing to him, as much as the king's achievements to preserve the dignity of his people, as Said al-Salami wrote in a commentary on his Facebook page"He said.

"When some media go beyond the limits!" Najwa al-Barrak, for her part, commented on rumors about the king and his wife Princess Lalla Salma on her personal page, referring to the need to respect the private life of the royal family.

Kommentar über die Scheidung von Marokkos König (

For his part, lawyer Eric Dupont Moretti in the published statement, also called for respect for the private life of the Moroccan royal family and refused comparison, by some media, which goes to link Between Princess Lalla Salma and another princess, referring to Princess Haya Al Hussein and her escape from the United Arab Emirates.

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