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In the Department of English at the University of Algiers, student Fathi Yassin prepares to submit his last term with the Master's degree in English, the language he loved and loved since he was young.

Yassin in his speech to " Arab "said that" his choice to study English at the University of Algiers was not a coincidence, "but his passion for this language, which he described as" mother of languages ​​"is the reason that the decision since the secondary school to specialize in the study of this language at the university level, Symbols.

When I was a young boy, Yassin continued: "My heart and mind are attached to English because of my attachment to Britain as a great and powerful country. My dream was to visit her and study her history, so I decided to learn her language and to be able to. We promise it previously"He said.

Algerien Student Fathi Yacine (- / Y. Boudhane)

Fathi Yassin is an English language student at the University of Algiers

"I discovered that English is not only a way of traveling and communicating, but more than that, it is the key to the world, and I realize that it offers its owner greater opportunities to work in multiple professions both inside and outside Algeria."He said.

Yassin's talk about his love and attachment in English comes at a time when Algeria is witnessing a wide debate on a questionnaire launched by the Ministry of Higher Education on the generalization of teaching English in Algerian universities. The results of the questionnaire, which participated more than 90 thousand people until 17 July, Of the respondents support the idea of ​​generalization while about 5.6% of the total voters reject it.

"This position is not based on an ideological or historical background but relies on scientific grounds that confirm that English is richer, deeper and much better than French," Yassin said. "I hope that the French will end and disappear from Algeria, because English is really an ancient language and alive, the mother of languages ​​undisputed ".

Identity Talk

The idea did not find a general consensus among the Algerians, and created an extensive discussion on the dimensions and implications of this step, especially as it came under an unusual political scene witnessing a sharp debate related to identity, a debate that feeds on the linguistic diversity of the Algerians, And the French lingua franca in the country, and during the movement emerged several slogans calling for the end of the French tutelage on the country, including the end of the French language on the administration, and curricula of education.

On the other hand, experts and observers are asking many questions about the possibility of the success of the idea of ​​generalization in the educational system in the country, and whether the step is imposed by the pragmatic need or just an ideological step imposed by mobility?

Algerien Englisch-Institut der Universität von Algier (- / Y. Boudhane)

Department of English at the University of Algiers

Dr. Basai Nasreen, Professor of English at the University of Bouzeria in Algiers, and appreciated the idea of ​​generalization, since the English language according to her talk to " Arab "is a" language of science ", contrary to what is rumored, confirms the pursuit of" English has expanded significantly among the Algerians at the expense of the French language, which declined status among them, "The index confirms that" the marks obtained in the examinations of the French language is much lower than that obtained In English examinations"He said.

However, the generalization of this language in its opinion is facing several challenges and difficulties "due to the lack of training and capabilities, especially in universities, as most professors are proficient in the French language and studied for several years, making circulation difficult, especially in the field of science"He said.

Dr. Abdelhakim Belialita, a researcher in foreign languages ​​and former inspector at the Ministry of Education, questioned in his speech to " Arab "by saying," Is the justification for the University University is a pragmatic justification to benefit from the language, or is the ideological justification we want to face language in language and hurt another?"He said.

From the point of view of pragmatism, he stresses that "the need for English is a matter of necessity and not a matter of choice in today's world, but this is a desire, and the desire is not realized by an impromptu decision. It requires a strategy that begins with a reconsideration of the teaching and teaching of foreign languages ​​in Algerian schools"He said.

Algerien Linguist Abdelhakim Belilita (- / Y. Boudhane)

Dr. Abdel Hakim Balaylita

Teaching approaches

"The teaching of languages ​​in general in Algerian schools is an unnatural teaching," says Dr. Abdelhakim Belaita, a researcher in foreign languages. "For example, those who study French, for example, primary or preparatory to third-secondary, the majority of whom can not edit two useful sentences, English for seven years can not combine two words sound, "he said in his opinion" does not concern the learner, but how to provide these languages?"He said.

The need for new strategies and the introduction of the technology component in the teaching of foreign languages ​​is a necessary and unquestionable issue, but on the condition that the tools are provided for it, but if the issue is improbable and the matter is circumstantial dictated by ideological conditions associated with political developments,.

In contrast, he asked about the feasibility of spreading the language in universities without being distributed in primary schools. According to him, "the project will succeed in going directly to the university without beginning the project at the primary and preparatory level." Is it conceivable that the student who comes to the university does not have the minimum From the English language to be translated so quickly, we can not teach the language at a time that needs language as a means of scientific research, "so he should review the educational curricula and adopt modern approaches in the provision of foreign languages.

What is happening now in Algerian schools is a failure. What happens is that we acquire the language through the sense of sight, not the hearing, which is a serious methodological error, so we must return to the proper educational approaches instead of wasting time and effort in the wrong way by hasty and improvised decisions"He said.

Yassin Bouhdane Algeria

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