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Bayern Munich signed with Atletico Madrid, Lucas Hernandez of France for 70 million euros, while Juventus Turin Italian Belgian Matisse de Leicht for 85 million euros. Now there is talk of an imminent deal for Manchester United to join Harry Maguire under a contract worth more than 90 million euros.
They are all fantastic figures that have been pushed to join defenders this time, not attackers! Mad numbers no longer find him a brake in the world of football. Seventeen years ago, many followers hit a pitch in Las Vegas for just 40 million euros. Rio Fernande moved from Leeds United to Manchester United and was the most expensive and controversial deal in English history.

Fußball Lucas HERNANDEZ FC Bayern München (picture-alliance / SvenSimon / F. Hoermann)

Lucas Hernandez in Bayern Munich

Today, no one is surprised by what he hears, while the numbers are constantly on the rise. Some might say that in the case of Hernandez it makes sense because the French defender reached the Bavarian with the gold medal of the 2018 world championship. But what about the former Ajax Amsterdam player De Leicht, who wasted his Champions League title with him? Or the English Maguire who might become the most expensive of the two, with a scoreless record with Leicester City ?!
The reason for the role played by the defenders, especially in the heart of the defense. This line, whether triple or quadruple is no longer the hidden center for the development of play, but the starting point of the first. "It's the players of the defense who are opening the game, who are coordinating the rhythm of the defense and who are setting the timing of the pressure and counter-attacks through smart and high-precision passes," according to the German website

The model player was certainly German footballer Jerome Boateng before his performance declined in recent years. That was the role he played with the machines at Brazil 2014, where Germany won the world title. His former teammate Matts Hummels, who moved from Bayern to Dortmund, also left the Bavarian defense center to 23-year-old Niklas Zolla.

FIFA WM 2014 Brasilien Detuschland vs. Portugal Jerome Boateng (Getty Images)

The warming of the warrior .. Guirum Boateng in the World Cup Brazil 2014.

"We are in the center of the final move before it is too late, before the ball reaches the goalkeeper," Zola told reporters. "I think with a stable defense, the chances of winning titles are bigger and stronger than a team with high-level attackers, but the net is shaking at least twice with two goals.
Whatever the value of the marketing defenders, they will not, of course, exceed the value of the attackers, and that is why it is interpreted in the logic of the market. The magic of goals and the art of dodging is an art that is mastered by the attackers, who make the difference and control the hearts of the viewers, and thus the demand for their shirts and everything related to them is increasing.


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