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Cancer preparedness also lies in human genes. This is what we know so far about this deadly disease for the majority of people infected with it. These genes control how much cells in the body reproduce. If this occurs at a very high rate, it can cause cancer. Doctors can fight these cells with chemotherapy, despite its adverse side effects such as nausea and hair loss. However, this treatment limits the division of mad cells in the entire body.

But the research did not stop at this solution, from time to time another treatment is discovered that enhances hope in patients. Recently a new method has been tested on mice successfully. New in this way is that they found the solution in the cancer cells themselves by pushing them to self-destruct, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania said in the journal Nature Cell Biology.

To induce the cells to "commit suicide," the team searched for a way to disrupt the MYC gene, which is known to stimulate cell growth and transformation to cancer cells. This is done by the ATF-4 protein, which means that inhibition of this protein strains cancer cells you die.

So scientists had to circumvent, instead of shutting down the MYC gene directly, they inhibited the protein "ATF-4". This solution has had a significant effect on the cancerous gene, as its loss does not allow for continued cell growth or division. As a result, cancer cells begin to produce large amounts of protein, which eventually causes them to die.

The method was tested on a group of mice with lymph node cancer. By disrupting ATF-4 protein, cancer stopped developing. It is not yet clear whether this path can be applied to humans at the present time, which the future may soon reveal.

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