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A spokeswoman for the US Embassy in Berlin said Thursday that the embassy is proud to celebrate the "Christopher Street Day" gay parade in Berlin and is proud to celebrate equal rights for homosexuals.

This comes after being raised before the day of the rainbow flag (featured for homosexuals) under the American flag raised above the US embassy in Berlin. Rainbow science is the symbol of the so-called "community of the Mim", a reference to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. A statue of a Berlin bar has been decorated with a restaurant with the features of the American Statue of Liberty in New York at the embassy with the knowledge of the rainbow. The embassy has not yet been informed about the subject.

US missions in several countries, including South Korea, India and Austria, last June raised the flag of the Rainbow for the month of gay review, and was alleged that this step was contrary to a decree issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and media reports that the ministry banned its embassies to raise the flag Rainbow on the American flag mast. Staff subsequently raised the flag elsewhere in the embassy grounds.

The ministry's ban also applies to the US embassy in Berlin, where US Ambassador Richard Grenell is a gay and working world-class to not criminalize homosexuality.

On Saturday, the city of Berlin will witness the gay parade of Christopher Stee, where hundreds of thousands of people are demonstrating for gay rights. Last month, Grenil announced his intention to take part in a gay parade in Berlin.

M.S./A.J./M (DPA)

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