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Yemeni doctors said 13 civilians, including two children, were killed on Monday (July 29, 2019) in a Saudi artillery attack targeting a market in an area in northern Yemen in response to an attack by the Huthi rebels on a Saudi military base. "We have received the bodies of 13 people, including two children," said a doctor in the Qatab district of Saada province.

The shelling also wounded 26 people, including 12 children, were injured, according to local doctors told AFP.

Houthi-dominated media, led by the Al-Masirah television station, reported earlier on Monday that the al-Thabit al-Sha'bi market in the Qatbar district of Saada was hit by Saudi artillery fire. Houthi spokesman Mohamed Abdel Salam said the death toll was at least 10.

The Al-Massira channel posted pictures of bodies lying on the ground and photographs of injured people being treated. The group was the victims of the Saudi artillery shelling on Al-Thabet Al-Sha'bi market. According to the pro-Houthi media, the Saudi bombardment came after the Huthis launched an attack with a suicide bomber on a Saudi military base in the southern city of Khamis Mushait.

Saudi Arabia, which has been leading a military alliance against rebels in Yemen since 2015, has not confirmed the attack, which the Houthis said they launched on the base of Khamis Mushayt, and did not confirm the bombing of the al-Thabit popular market.

The Houthis have stepped up their rocket and car bomb attacks across the border in recent weeks. On June 12, a rocket attack on the Saudi airport of Abha killed 26 civilians, and the coalition pledged a firm response.

Since 2014, Yemen has been embroiled in a dispute between Huthi rebels and forces loyal to the internationally recognized government of Yemen. The conflict escalated with the intervention of the Saudi-led military coalition in March 2015 in support of the government.

There are still 3.3 million displaced people, while 24.1 million people, more than two thirds of the population, need assistance, according to the United Nations, which describes the humanitarian crisis in Yemen as the worst in the world today. Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of supplying the Houthis with sophisticated weapons, which the latter denies.


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