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"On the morning of July 22, the wife of my son Amer lit the fire and exploded like a rocket and ignited the house completely," says Yemeni Ali Siraj, who transferred the family of one of his sons to a hospital in Sana'a between deaths and serious injuries, in one of the most recent tragedies resulting from The damaged domestic gas cylinders in Yemen's millions of homes, which have been repeated in recent times, turn into a source of death, which, in turn, rival the war shells that have been going on for years.

Siraj, who spoke to – Arab on his mobile phone to his son Amer (who has severe burns), explained that the gas leaked out of the cylinder even though it was tightly closed. Once his son's wife tried to ignite the fire, it exploded in the house, wounding everyone and burning all the furniture, including windows and doors. .

The son of Ali Siraj, along with his wife in intensive care at the Republican Hospital in Sana'a, is in a critical condition. His children, Mohammed and Riemas, died after being burned by family members when a gas cylinder exploded. Told – Arab that "all gas tanks are not suitable for domestic use."

Jemen Taiz Gaszylinder Explosionen Frau (- / K. Al Banna)

A Yemeni woman suffers burns due to the explosion of a gas cylinder in the city of Taiz

Profiles that disappeared

The tragedy of the Siraj family in Yemen's Hajjah province was only one of the most recent incidents of explosion of domestic gas cylinders, which have been repeated in more than a Yemeni region, in recent months remarkably, and have made the number of Yemenis dead or severely burned.

Rajwa al-Faqih, a 28-year-old mother of two and a resident of the capital, Sanaa, was also the victim of a gas cylinder explosion in her kitchen more than two months ago. Her body was devoured by her 10-year-old daughter before being treated and treated in a hospital .

"The features of my face changed and I did not know myself for the first time after removing the gauze from him," says the jurist for an Arab -. She says that on the afternoon of the incident she wanted to prepare lunch and the gas cylinder exploded as soon as the match was lit. Rajavi recalls that she did not smell "gas" before lighting a match. In addition to her injury and her child, the kitchen was completely destroyed and various parts of the house were affected by the explosion.

Receive the cylinder as it was!

Since the outbreak of fighting in Yemen in early 2015, access to gas cylinders for homes has become a difficult task, as prices have risen to more than twice the price previously. In the areas of control of the densely populated Ansar al-Houthi group, including Sanaa, In the price control and the provision of "gas" on a continuous basis, to have to devise a mechanism to distribute it at official prices, through the "head of the lanes", so that the population is registered with advance statements, and so on.

Moreover, the hard-to-get cylinder is, in many cases, a potential source of death and terrifying explosions in homes, due to the spread of damaged cylinders.

Jemen Gaszylinder (- / J. Abdullah)

Gas cylinders in Yemen are dilapidated and do not have safety and safety standards. However, people take them to their homes. There is no alternative

"Like others, we receive domestic gas cylinders through Aqil al-Hara, according to the distribution mechanism of the gas company, and how it was," said Abdul-Wassa al-Hamdi, a journalist whose gas cylinder exploded at his home in mid-Ramadan (May 2019). He adds to – Arab that "the citizen receives it (ie damaged cylinder) because it needs domestic gas, especially with the lack of availability of cylinders to citizens in sufficient numbers."

Al-Hamdi's family received a damaged cylinder, without knowing that the gas was leaking out, the journalist tells the right. "After finishing the Maghrib prayer, my little sister and my wife went to heat the dinner for the fasting people and once the electricity was pressed to ignite the light, the terrifying explosion that sounded like a missile came to our house." "The force of the explosion pressure threw their bodies (his wife and sister) far away from the kitchen door and caused burns to both of them," Hamdi said.

Millions of damaged CDs and calls for accounting

The crisis of damaged domestic gas cans in Yemen's homes is a horrific threat, with numbers pointing to up to 12 million damaged gas cylinders or maintenance needs in Yemeni homes and restaurants, and deteriorating conditions with more use to make them home-grown bombs.

With repeated incidents of the recent explosion of CDs, has become a public opinion issue in the networks of social networking sites, amid demands to hold accountable those responsible for default and allow the re-packaging of semi-damaged CDs threaten the lives of families.

"We demand the prosecution and punishment of gas officials who are indifferent to the lives of the people, and we demand that the authorities hold them accountable and impose the most severe sanctions against the officials and compensate every citizen who has been harmed because of their neglect and disregard for the lives of the citizens," he said.

Maintenance stopped since 2016

– Arab continued with Yemen Gas Company, the government agency responsible for the supply and distribution of the cylinders in Sana'a. The latter acknowledged the existence of a large number of cylinders requiring maintenance. This was attributed to the maintenance failure since November 2016, according to company spokesman Ali Maasar. The statistics indicated that 12 million cylinders were damaged as being "overstated" and said the actual number was not specified.

"The Yemeni cylinder factory has been closed since 2016 and the company has limited financial resources to maintain cylinders in the Safer area of ​​the central province of Marib, which is under the control of the internationally recognized government forces," he said.

Jemen Sanaa Republican Hospital (- / S. Mahdi)

The Republican Hospital in Sana'a continuously receives the victims of the explosions of damaged domestic gas cylinders, many of them leaving life

Not enough financial resources

"We at the gas company in Sanaa do not have the resources or the financial means to activate the maintenance work, but we make self-effort in supervising the distribution of gas as available." He said the explosions were caused by one of two reasons: the leakage of gas from damaged cylinders or the failure to close the house tightly.

The spokesman of the gas company – Arabia said that the company resorted to the initial solutions, including the distribution of 15 thousand new cylinders in Sanaa and the formation of a committee to inventory the damaged cylinders, and issuing instructions not to fill any cylinders that appear leaking, and to the adoption of the distribution mechanism through " Of the procedures.

Store for need and need for awareness

"In light of the current situation and the gas crises in the country, many citizens are turning to storing and storing gas cylinders. This is a time bomb in every house and presents a lot to the occurrence of accidents," said Nawaf Bakrouan, a Yemeni gas expert.

"The proliferation of gas cylinders that do not meet safety standards is another disaster," he said.

In the same context, he stressed the importance of awareness campaigns through the media of preventive measures, safety measures and how to deal with accidents to reduce them. He also stressed the importance of awareness campaigns in the media to prevent and prevent the use of damaged CDs.

It is worth mentioning that those who were injured by house burns caused by gas cylinders at the head of the pioneers of burn centers in Yemeni hospitals, including in the Republican Hospital in Sana'a, which – Arab visited, and apologized to his administration for allowing us to enter to meet patients.

Safia Mahdi – Sana'a

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