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The Egyptian Health Minister, Dr. Hala Zayed, The anger of many health workers Because of her statements about them and considered them "Abuse "in their right.

In a meeting on Sunday (28 July) with the representatives of pharmacists and nursing staff at the health insurance hospitals in Port Said Governorate, the Minister of Health and Population reduced the importance of the absence of pharmacists: "The absence of one nurse is effective,"He said.

In response to the statements, the General Secretariat of the Arab Pharmacists Union in Egypt issued a statement describing the minister's statements as "an attack with uncontrolled words (And represent) a threat to community security and fellowship ethics"He said.

The Council of the Syndicate of Port Said Pharmacists issued a statement in which the minister's statements were considered a proof that they did not follow the "modern management methods", stressing that "the administration is not by the river, the river, and the spread of frustration, but encouragement and motivation," according to Al Masry Al Youm.

The minister also addressed the workers In the nursing sector, where Hala Zayed rejected what she called "the increase in the weight of some nurses" and said: "Those who want to join the nursing sector in front of them Three months to lose weight".

The minister said that some workers in the Egyptian health sector asked them not to wear the niqab and the "long veil", which was considered by the Syndicate of Port Said Pharmacists, "referring to the issues of personal freedoms of the Egyptian citizen working in the health insurance system".

The reactions to the statements of the Egyptian minister also spread to the media sites, where many demanded Of the users of these sites to dismiss the Minister. Hashtag issued the "dismissal of the Minister of Health" Twitter in Egypt and was among the top five topics discussed, according to Trends 24.

Many of the recruits stressed the importance of the role played by the pharmacists and called on the minister to pay attention to the urgent and necessary issues, while some expressed dissatisfaction with her statements through the method of ridicule Including in relation to the weight of nurses and health workers.

On the other side there was a motive for the minister, saying that there is no abuse in her statements, Some even felt thatHer talk about the number of pharmacists compared to nurses "normal" in light of the "high number of graduates of pharmacy colleges" in Egypt.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health hastened to defend the minister. Spokesman for the ministry, Dr. Khaled Mujahid, confirmed that "the permit was passed." The spokesman confirmed, via A telephone intervention in the program "The Story" presented by Amr Adib, to respect the Minister of Health for the role of all pharmacists in Egypt. He added that her talk about obesity was implemented "To guide the fight against obesity and spend millions of pounds on awareness of the importance of fitness"He said.

As for her statements about the uniforms of health workers, he pointed out that the minister's criticism of the long veil is to "combat disease infection," stressing the existence of "uniform agreed within the new system of comprehensive health insurance"He said.

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