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Amnesty International on Tuesday (July 23, 2019) criticized the Egyptian authorities and accused them of forcing activists released to stay in cells "to intimidate them."

The authorities "continue to use / monitor the police / arbitrarily and excessively during the night to continue to punish peaceful activists, forcing them to spend the night in overcrowded police cells after being released from prison," Amnesty International said in a report on its website."He said.

"Egyptian authorities rely on arbitrary and excessive policing as a repressive method to intimidate peaceful activists to silence their voices after being released from prison," the report quoted Majdalena Magrabi, deputy director of the regional office for the Middle East and North Africa, as saying.

"These punitive measures violate not only their rights to freedom of movement, expression, peaceful assembly and association but can lead to further violations, including torture or other ill-treatment, forced labor and exploitation"He said.

"It is aware of more than 400 people currently under police surveillance after being convicted in five very unfair collective trials," the organization said. People under observation were forced to spend up to 12 hours in police stations.

Police officers also prevent most of these people from receiving visits or taking mobile phones and laptops during this time. They are left in overcrowded areas with poor ventilation and limited access to toilets.

"These measures severely affect the ability of those affected to lead normal lives during their hours of freedom, limiting their enjoyment of the right to work, education, family and private life." The organization noted that among the political activists who are under the strict control activists Alaa Abdel-Fattah, Ahmed Maher and Mohammed Adel.

It is noteworthy that there was no official Egyptian response to the content of the report of the human rights organization until the time of preparation of this news.

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