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Egypt's Minister of Civil Aviation, Younes El-Masri, expressed his country's displeasure at British Airways' decision to suspend flights to Cairo for a week during a meeting with the British ambassador in Egypt.

The ministry said in a statement after the Egyptian minister met with British Ambassador Jeffrey Adams, "The team expressed his displeasure with the British Airways to take a unilateral decision affecting the security of Egyptian airports without reference to the competent Egyptian authorities"He said.

British Airways suspended its seven-day flights to Cairo on Saturday for "precautionary measures" because it has retreated security at Cairo airport.

"The British ambassador apologized to the Egyptian Minister of Aviation for failing to inform the Egyptian authorities before the decision was issued," the statement added, stressing that the decision to suspend flights to the British company is not related to the security measures of Egyptian airports.

The British embassy in Cairo has yet to be reached for comment.

Lufthansa returns to Cairo

German airline Lufthansa resumed its flights to Cairo on Sunday after cutting off flights for a day. The plane took off from Frankfurt late Monday for about two hours heading to Cairo and landed there this afternoon, and plans to conduct other flights on Monday and Monday.

Lufthansa canceled its flights to Cairo on Saturday for security concerns without giving further details. British Airways had announced a suspension of flights to Cairo for at least seven days and said the safety of passengers and crews was the airline's top priority.

The British Foreign Office warned against travel to Egypt to increase the threat of terrorism in air transport. The ministry warned its citizens not to travel to northern Sinai, to the Egyptian-Israeli border area (except Taba) and to remote areas of the desert.

Tourism is one of Egypt's main foreign currency sources and has begun to recover after the decline in the number of tourists following the 2011 uprising and the bombing of a Russian passenger plane in 2015, killing all 224 people on board shortly after taking off..

(AFP, dpa, Reuters)

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