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Egyptians, especially public figures, expressed their joy at the victory of Algeria in the African Cup of Nations hosted by Egypt between 21 June and 19 July 2019. The victory of Algeria deservedly deserved, as many Egyptians believe, including Ahmed Abdou, commentator Spherical BN Sport channels.

Not only Ahmed Abdou congratulated Algeria on the social networking sites, all his Egyptian colleagues in this sports channel, without exception, turned their congratulations to the Algerian team and people, such as Mohamed Abutrekha, Wael Juma, Haytham Farouk and others.

Moreover, the Egyptian sports media, which was once the cause of a crisis between the two countries, also praised and congratulated the Algerian team, and even announced its support for the Algerian team before the Senegalese final, which ended 1-0 for the "desert warriors."

The victory of Algeria was expected, given the sons of coach Gamal Belmadi of performance throughout the tournament. Before the final match between Algeria and Senegal on Friday, former Egypt captain Ahmed Hassan, the African Cup of Nations winner four times, preceded the event to remind everyone that the Egyptians are "masters of Africa", meaning football of course.

Egypt defender Ali Ghazal, who has apologized to the fans for the humiliating exit, wrote to them to support others and said, "The people deserve support." But was Ghazal referring to Algeria's players?

Mohammed Al-Kowalini, a commentator on the channel "BBC Sport" was hoping to win his country championship, but the loss and early exit did not prevent him from emphasizing that "the Egyptian proud of his country."

Mahmoud Faiz, former assistant coach of Egypt, Hector Cooper, thanked the organizers of the tournament.

Football commentator Ahmed al-Tayeb, known for his "quizzes" (funny and funny comments) during commenting on matches, said his country "won the most important" of the trophy.

The businessman billionaire Naguib Sawiris believes that the biggest gain for Egypt in the tournament, is its young director Mohammed Fadl.

Khaled Bayoumi, a football analyst, admitted that Egypt's national team at home was "no longer a hero but a hero without a hero."

It is also the Egyptians from the publication of videos showing the stars of Africa, including Algerian star Riad Mehrez and Senegalese Sadeo Manet, Egypt to organize the 2019 African Nations Cup

There are those who have given the African Union the size of the physical profits of the tournament this time, adding that "the highest return in the history of the tournament."

Salah Sharara

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