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Researchers at the National University of Singapore have developed an electronic nervous system that can touch the human skin more than a thousand times faster, thus giving robots and artificial limbs a sense of touch that is not better than human touch..

"Human beings use tactility to perform all day-to-day tasks, such as picking up a cup of coffee or a handshake," said Science T, a professor of materials science and engineering at the University of Singapore. "Without touch, we lose balance "Similarly, robots need tactility to communicate better with humans, but today's robots still can not feel things well."He said.

The team said the idea of ​​the new nervous system was inspired by human touch. The team spent a year and a half developing a nervous system that works better than the human system. The new system consists of a network of sensor units connected to one electrical conductor.

The new electronic system can detect touches 1,000 times faster than human skin, and can distinguish between different external effects at speeds of less than 60 nanoseconds. It can also identify the materials, shapes and hardness grades of different objects within 10 milliseconds, Blink of the eye.

The simple structure of the new neural system, as well as its rapid responsiveness to external stimuli and the increasing number of related sensor modules, are essential to facilitate the manufacture of intelligent electronic skin that works on artificial intelligence applications. It can be adapted to serve robots, artificial limbs,.

R / M (AFP)

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