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There is a difference in statements by officials in France and Germany on a deal on a mechanism to deal with migrants rescued in the Mediterranean. After an informal meeting of EU foreign and interior ministers in Paris on Monday (July 22, 2019), officials of the two countries came out with seemingly contradictory positions.

"I think we have not reached our goal yet, but we have made progress on this issue in an unprecedented manner," German Foreign Minister Haiku Mas said after the meeting. "The conflict over rescue vessels in the Mediterranean must end," Mas said, adding that there was a need to form an "alliance of states willing to help."

The formation of a "coalition of volunteer states" or what has become known as the "coalition of the willing" is the main objective of the Paris meeting, which was boycotted by the Italian Interior Minister. An Italian interior source said Italy and Malta insisted that, in addition to the "distribution mechanism", there should be a rotation system for safe ports to dock rescue vessels.

Frankreich Informelles Ministertreffen zur Seenotrettung in Paris (picture-alliance / AP Photo / M. Euler)

Macaron spoke of a tentative agreement among 14 countries.

Macaron talks about an agreement in principle

However, French President Emmanuel Macaron announced that 14 European countries had agreed "in principle" to the Franco-German document, including "eight countries that have confirmed their active participation." This document talks about a "solidarity mechanism" that defines how these migrants are to be distributed in the Mediterranean.

France, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg, Finland, Lithuania, Croatia and Ireland, according to the French presidency, without specifying the names of the other six countries.

According to European sources, based on a push from Paris and Berlin, work is under way to form a "coalition of volunteer states" or "coalition of the willing," committed to work on the distribution of migrants and refugees rescued at sea when trying to cross into Europe, without engaging in complex negotiations with The arrival of each group of them as it gets today.

Under this mechanism, "the earliest possible distribution of asylum seekers to the countries that form the" coalition of the willing "will be carried out until Italy and Malta agree to open their ports to the refugees.

In the light of the various statements, it is widely believed that a meeting in Malta next September will see a final agreement between these countries on a mechanism to ensure more effective and more humane in dealing with migrants arriving in the Mediterranean.

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