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The US House of Representatives on Wednesday evening (July 17) thwarted an attempt by Democrats to isolate President Donald Trump. 332 deputies voted against 95 against the motion, submitted by Democratic Rep. Al Greene, and included consideration of the possibility of launching the Trump removal proceedings, because of his racist remarks against four members of Congress, the Bloomberg news agency reported.

In a move that shows how divided the opposition is, the 235 lawmakers, who make up the majority, joined their fellow Republicans to defer the indefinite dismissal, although many of their party colleagues expressed a desire to launch the isolation proceedings.

In response to the vote, Trump commented on Twitter that efforts to isolate him were "over".

"This is probably the most ridiculous and time-consuming project I've ever had to work on," he said. "You should never allow this to happen to a US president again."He said.

Trump published a series of tweets last Sunday calling on congressional members to "return" to their country of origin rather than criticizing the United States.

Trump did not mention the names of the members, but he appeared to refer to Deputy Alexandria Ocacio Cortez, Elhan Omar, Rachida Tlaib and Ian Presley. Elhan Omar is the only female MP among the four born outside the United States (Somalia).

This group of women is seen as progressive in the Democratic Party and strongly criticizes the US president, especially on immigration issues, and bumped into Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"Why do not they (their country) reconcile these completely collapsed and crime-filled places from which they came," Trump said, adding that they should then return to the United States and "show how it is done." "These places need your help very much"He said.

Trump continues to attack the four female deputies

Trump used the decision of this House of Representatives during an election rally on Thursday to continue his attack on Democrats who "hate" America, he said.

In front of his supporters, Trump once again reminded the four democracies from minority groups and advised them to "go back" where they came from. When Trump Elhan Omar, one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress and controversial because of her comments on Israel and considered a number of anti-Semitic deputies, said "! "


Trump was particularly cynical about Alexandra Okazio-Cortez, a New York MP. "I do not have time to mention her full name. We'll call it Cortez."He said.

Okazio-Cortez sparked a controversy in mid-June when she likened immigration centers on the border to the south of the United States to "concentration camps""He said.

These attacks on female deputies are believed to be an important part of Trump's re-election strategy in 2020.

The four Democrat deputies of the BBC think that this is a political maneuver for Trump. While considered "It's a way to shift attention to avoid issues that really matter to Americans"He said.

(AFP, Reuters, DPA)

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