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Again, Germany and France are failing to persuade the rest of the EU member states to accept a plan for the distribution of refugees saved from the average drowning. As expected, the meeting of foreign ministers held on Thursday (July 18) did not result) In the Finnish capital of Helsinki On long-awaited consensus. But German Interior Minister Horst Zehovar said that during the meeting was finalized Plans will be presented at The first week of next September during the special summit of the Union European Union in Malta. These plans require adoption Transitional procedure at level Europe on the distribution of immigrants to States "wishing to assist" as security for Italy And Malta to reopen its ports to ships carrying people rescued at sea.

Italy and Malta closed their ports to rescue ships because of what they say other EU countries leave burdens on their own, so the argument is going on every time when people are rescued on arrival and they stay on relief ships for days until they have been Reach a solution.

The case of the German "Sea Watch 3" in particular caused In a recent fuss, where Her German captain, Carola Rakeet, sailed to an Italian port at the end Last June without the Italian authorities allowing it to do so Transfer the people on board after a long wait at sea to Land. And is currently being investigated in Italy for violating Italian sovereignty and participating in illegal immigration punishable by Italian law.


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