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The idea of ​​finding plane and spacecraft was often dominated by many people around the world. This idea has gained momentum in recent decades, due to the great technological advances in the search for rare things.

A few days ago, a "joke" on "Facebook" drew on the US military, which expressed its readiness to defend America and its property. The "joke" is that more than 2 million people have reacted to the idea of ​​storming America's most obscure Area 51 in order to see these alleged space creatures, according to US media.

It seems that the circle of this "joke" will be extended to several other countries. According to the site "swr3" German that about 23 thousand people have expressed their willingness to participate in the hunt for a monster monster (believed to be a strain of Balzorat, uncertain existence to date) Loch Ness "in Scotland.

The hunt for the giant monster is expected to start in September this year, as they see the beast "can not hide from us" and can be found in a "women's plate" lake, which is more than 200 meters deep, According to the same German source.

The British Royal National Boat Corporation has warned that the monster in the Loch Ness lake is under threat due to fluctuating natural conditions throughout the year, which could put people's lives at risk.

The same institution, in comments quoted by the site "Daily Mail" British, that the temperature of water cool throughout the year, which means the possibility of exposure to cold water shock, as well as the risk of low temperature.

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