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The new baby battery manufacturer, Cybex, which has just been launched in Europe, will eliminate the suffering of paying prams, which the company describes as a "tedious task," says baby-maker Cybex. The e-Priam, which can be operated by foot pedal, includes sensors built into the handle to detect the required force. Advanced algorithms then involve electrical motors connected to the rear axle when necessary.

The German manufacturer says this makes the task easy in steep hills and helps cross rough terrain such as sandy beaches, making the vehicle's speed up to 6 km / h. This will not only help you push your child up, but the "e-Pram" system automatically slows the baby carriage down the slopes or the smoother terrain.

"E-Priam" is available in several colors, including the classic pink gold for iPhone owners, designed for so-called "modern parents". The battery needs six hours of charge to fully charge, and its range is between 8 and 45 kilometers, depending on the severity and roughness of the earth to handle.

But the e-Priam system may not be affordable to most households, starting at € 1,200 ($ 1,338), which is more than the price of regular strollers. The price of luxury models is more than 2,200 euros. Wealthier families may welcome the opportunity to make life easier for their babysitters.

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