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During the national anthem before the chancellery in Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Moldova's Prime Minister Maya Sandu sat on two seats in white cover on Tuesday (July 16). After that, Merkel and her family marched in front of the German army's honor guard.

Following a flurry of public flurries during a recent reception by foreign heads of government, Merkel sat for the first time playing the national anthem as part of a reception for Danish Prime Minister Fredericsen on Thursday.

The last time Merkel suffered a tremor was on Wednesday, during the reception of Finnish Prime Minister Ante Reinh. But she then confirmed that she was okay, and said: "Do not worry."

The German chancellor suffered a severe tremor in public for the first time when new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky was received in mid-June.

WB / HZ (dpa, bd)

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