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A spokeswoman for the German government, Stephan Zeibert, said on Wednesday (July 10) that Chancellor Angela Merkel was fine after being seen for the third time in a few weeks, shaking during a meeting with the Finnish prime minister. Zeibert explained that Merkel felt momentarily disoriented, then took some drink and food and completed the interview.

Merkel's body shook as she stood with Ante Rennes during a show of honor guard upon arrival. This is not the first time Chancellor Angela Merkel has suffered an involuntary tremor, raising questions about her health.

Merkel began to tremble at the end of last month as she stood by President Frank-Vattar Steinmeier as he addressed a formal ceremony to appoint a new justice minister. The tremor continued for two minutes, according to a photographer of the German Press Agency who was present at the ceremony.

Merkel brought her arms to her chest in an attempt to stop the tremor. In the end she managed to control herself after a few simple steps. She offered her a glass of water but rejected it. She attributed the previous bout suffered to dry her body and not to drink water in the heat of the weather.

Despite the embarrassment, a German government spokesman said Merkel would not cancel her appointments and added that she was "in good shape," adding that she would go to Osaka to attend the G20 summit as planned.

Merkel is described as the strongest leader in Europe and the world's most powerful woman, and will be 65 years old next month. It has already announced its intention to leave politics at the end of its mandate in 2021.

Concerns about her health were raised for the first time in 2014 when Bouakha was hit during a television interview. The transmission briefly stopped for a drop in blood pressure.


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