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Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has refused to involve his army in any military action in the Strait of Hormuz, warning against "implicating Germany" in the conflict between the United States and Iran. "This will be legitimization of the Iraq war, retroactively," Schroeder said in a statement to the German daily newspaper Rheinsche Post on Wednesday (July 31, 2019).

Schroeder insisted in 2003 as an adviser to Germany at the time that Germany did not participate in the Iraq war with the United States when the Americans formed the "alliance of the willing", which was also joined by some European allies, including Britain and Spain. While France and Germany refused to join the alliance.

The United States is now trying to mobilize international forces under its command as part of a military mission to protect merchant ships from attacks that Iran accuses of carrying out in the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf. America has asked a number of its allies, including Germany, to take part in this military mission, which was already rejected by many prominent Social Democrats politicians, Schroeder was his boss at the time of the war on Iraq, and also rejected by politicians from the Christian Democratic Party, Angela Merkel.

"I very much welcome the criticisms of this mission by the SPD, since it is possible that strong US-led participation could have the effect of rapid escalation," Schroeder told the paper. Schroeder warned his party, a partner in the coalition government, to approve such a task. Schroeder, however, said it was different when it came to participating in a purely British or European mission to protect merchant ships, and advised his party to consider such participation.

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