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After Algeria's victory over Côte d'Ivoire in the quarterfinals of the African Cup in Egypt on Thursday (11 July 2019), Algerian fans left France to celebrate their national team. One of the fans lost control of his car, which stepped up on the sidewalk to maim a family in Montpellier, southern France, killing the 42-year-old mother and seriously injuring her daughter and infant, France-Info reported Friday.

The driver, aged 21, was arrested. A source close to the file learned that the cheerleader was driving "very quickly" in the Muson district. The mother was walking with her baby and her 17-year-old daughter.

The baby was rushed to the hospital, a spokeswoman for the Aero Safety Office said. The girl was slightly injured in the ankle, the source said. "At the moment, we are trying to determine the circumstances of the tragedy," she said, noting that there was a "large crowd in the streets" on Thursday night after the Algerian team won the Cote d'Ivoire.

Rioting and looting

There were riots in French cities during the celebration of the rise of Algeria to the semi-finals of the African Nations Cup, according to Agence France-Presse. Dozens of people looted two shops near the Avenue des Champs-Elysees, where thousands of people gathered on Thursday evening. Shortly after midnight on Friday, groups attacked three shops selling motorcycles as celebrations continued on the avenue. After breaking two fronts, people looted them.

Several shop fronts were broken and clashes broke out shortly before midnight, during which members of the regime's maintenance forces used tear gas, especially around Nejmeh Square, to expel groups who were throwing bullets at them. An AFP reporter said at least one person had been arrested. Tension fell at midnight.

In Marseille, thousands of Algerian fans gathered to celebrate the victory at the old port there, and police used tear gas. Around 30 people were arrested in France on the sidelines of the celebrations, according to France Info.

Algeria beat Côte d'Ivoire 4-3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in the Suez Stadium.


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