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German Interior Minister Horst Zehwefer confirmed Said on Tuesday (30 July 2019) that there were no reasons at the moment to change the regulations on immigration and asylum. This came after a consultation meeting with the heads of the security services after the Frankfurt train station accident.

A man, German police say, is from Eritrea and has pushed a child in front of a fast train at the Frankfurt station. The boy died, The man also paid his mother and a third person, but they survived.

While the German minister confirmed that the suspect was seen as an example of good integration in Switzerland, a few days ago a woman was threatened with a knife and was therefore wanted by the Swiss security authorities. He added that he entered Germany illegally.

At a time when the German minister of the Christian Social Party of Bavarian said that such an incident "we are all shocked and hit us deep in the heart," but he stressed "to do everything to give the suspect a fair punishment"He said.

Zohofer said he would meet with the German minister of communications and railway officials to consult on human and technical capabilities to improve security in public squares and train stations. The Minister also spoke about the intensification of the security presence and the increase in the number of workers in this field in the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Federal Bureau of Criminal Police "in order to enhance the sense of security among citizens"He said.

The German police announced yesterday that they arrested the suspect, who also tried to kill the boy's mother and a third person in the same way, but they survived this attempt, adding that the Eritrean did not know the victims.

The mother of the child managed to save herself when she fell on a corridor between two iron lines while the third victim managed to secure himself and not fall on the iron road, police said. The prosecution in Frankfurt is investigating the case as a felony and is currently analyzing video images.

Swiss police: suspect mentally ill

In Switzerland, the police of the city of Zurich announced today that when searching the house of the suspect in the attack, Documents were found indicating that he had been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness and was undergoing treatment.

During the investigation or the search of the house, no signs of a right-wing extremist or ideological motivation were found in the suspect, police said. Swiss police have been searching for him since Thursday.

On the other hand, the Swiss police on the social networking site "Twitter" today that the suspect, who holds Eritrean nationality, was residing in the canton of Zurich, and obtained in Switzerland a residence permit granted to foreigners who lived in the country for a period of 5 Or 10 years.

In the same context, the head of the German Federal Police, Dieter Roman, said earlier today that the suspect threatened his neighbor with a knife and imprisonment, and then fled, adding that the authorities in Switzerland issued an arrest warrant after him. According to German prosecutors, the suspect, 40, will appear today before the investigating judge.

A prosecutor said the suspect had not made any statements about the incident so far.

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