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A minute of silence in front of the train station in the German city of Frankfurt is unusual. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the station with pale faces with signs of sadness, among them old Germans who seem to be trying to hold back their tears that shine in their eyes. An Eritrean woman holding a German woman's hand in a strong voice expressing her solidarity and participation in the grief of the child who lost his life two days ago in this station, which is one of the most stations that witness a large and continuous movement in Germany.

On Monday morning (July 29), while an eight-year-old German boy with his mother was on platform 7 at the train station, an Eritrean man rushed towards them and pushed the mother, her child and another old lady to the train. The mother survived shocked, after she threw herself to the distance that separates the rail, but she lost her liver. The other old woman did not fall off the sidewalk, but was wounded from her shoulder, as SPIEGEL Online reported.

After this incident that shook Germany, people continue to denounce the crime and their solidarity with the family of the child, placing flowers at the scene of the incident, and pray for the child and his family, as in the memorabilia called by the mission "station" charity of the Catholic Church in Frankfurt and " Hope ", in which representatives from the Eritrean community participated.

Who is the man and what are his motives?
Investigations into the crime are continuing, with the suspected Eritrean man under investigation by the investigating judge, according to prosecutors in Frankfurt. Although the motive for the killings has yet to be clarified, preliminary investigations have shown that the man did not know the victims.

Deutschland Attacke im Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof (Imago Images / epd / H. Lyding)

People sympathize with the victim and put roses at the scene

According to the Swiss canton police in Zurich, the perpetrator is 40 years old and has permanent residence in Switzerland and lives in a town near Zurich, adding that he is the father of three children aged between one and four years.

Federal Police Chief Dieter Romann noted that the man had made a refugee in Switzerland in 2006 and had been granted asylum in 2008, and had received steady work. "In the eyes of the foreign and asylum circles in Switzerland, it was a role model," Roman said in a statement to the German site of Tageschau.

A psychopath
The site quoted Swiss investigators as saying that the man was at the beginning of this year at the head of the transport company in Zurich, but he took sick leave after that because he was suffering from psychological disorders and is undergoing treatment.

The head of Zurich's regional police, Werner Schmid, said the man had been wanted by the Swiss police for "domestic violence" since Thursday after he took his family and neighbor into the building and threatened his neighbor with the knife. "Both women confirmed that they had never seen such a man before."

Warnings of recurring incidents of payment
The Frankfurt incident opened the door to concerns about the recurrence of such incidents at train stations in Germany, which in 2018 amounted to 5663 stations, according to the site, "Statista" statistics.

Federal Police Union Deputy Chairman Jörg Radek warned that the perpetrators would imitate these acts. Radek told the editorial network in Germany that the cases where some people were pushing others to trains in cities like Berlin "have been known for a long time."

Lokal Frankfurt Trauer nach toedlicher Gleis-Attacke am Hauptbahnhof, (picture-alliance / HMB Media / O. Mueller)

A banner made by an immigrant in the commemoration of the victims, written: "Germany is not to change itself, but we foreigners have to adapt"

Radek added that after every incident of this kind, the police try to spread better to prevent, but that "in cases that happen deliberately, the police capacity reaches its borders."

How can train stations be made safer?
The incident sparked widespread debate about safety at German train stations. According to transport expert Martin Borkert, the railway platforms in Germany lack sufficient police control, calling in an interview with Bild newspaper to increase the number of police stations.

But Federal Police Union Deputy Chairman Jurg Radek says such crimes can not be stopped by increasing the number of police stations. Instead, Radek called for "technical barriers" that would only allow passage to the sidewalks when the trains were parked.

But this proposal, which is being worked out at major train stations in other countries, is not welcomed by some parties.

Although the German railway company said it understood the proposal, it added to the Bild newspaper that it would cost hundreds of millions and would create long lines waiting for trains.

For her part, warned transport expert Valery Flims passengers in Germany from getting close to the edge of the train platform. "When everyone sticks to the rules, these measures are sufficient to ensure safe use of the train platforms," ​​she told the Bild newspaper.

The populist right in Germany is trying to exploit the Frankfurt incident to call for an end to the "welcome culture" of foreigners in the country. In the event of a child's recall in front of the Frankfurt train station, about 50 people from the right-wing populace shouted slogans against the reception of foreigners. Others said, "You are just exploiting the incident!"

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