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One of the striking phenomena in the 32nd edition of the African Nations Cup in Egypt 2019 is that the coaches of the teams, not the stars of those teams, have the greatest impact on the results. There is no longer a star that determines the outcome like Dorgba, Eto'o or others. Egypt, for example, Mohammed Salah, Trezeguet and other professionals lost to home to the plan of Scotland's Stewart Baxter coach South Africa. The Algerian team has also appeared in the finest form through the work of national coach Gamal Belmadi.

The 24 teams that took part in the tournament are training 11 national coaches from Africa. With the exception of Tanzania coach Emmanuel Amonkey, they are training their home teams such as Belmadi, Senegal coach Elio Cisse, Mali coach Magasouba and others.

A French battalion training African teams

With the exception of Egypt, which was coached by Mexican Javier Aguirre, the rest of the African teams used coaches from the continent of Europe and there is only one coach from Germany, Belgium, Scotland, the Netherlands and Serbia. But there are seven trainers from France. Which means that the French school is in number the largest training schools represented in that tournament.

The seven French coaches are: Herve Ronard (Morocco), Sebastien Desapère (Uganda), Corantan Martins (Mauritania), Alain Gereis (Tunisia), Sibacetain Meneille (Kenya), Michel Dossouier (Benin)

In the previous tournament in Gabon 2017, the number of French was equal to the number of African coaches. The tournament consisted of only 16 teams. There were four French coaches, two Africans and two coaches from Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Israel, Serbia and Poland. In the end, Belgium's Hugo Bros was crowned with Cameroon as the first Belgian manager to win the tournament at the expense of Egypt, which was coached by Argentine Hector Cooper.

Fußball Africa-Cup Madagaskar bejubelt Achtfinaleinzug (Getty Images / AFP / G. Cacace)

The French coach Nicolas Deboi, the coach of the Madagascar team has achieved with his team a huge surprise in the African Nations in Egypt 2019

What have the French done so far?

In the current tournament in Egypt 2019 Morocco coach Rounar disappointed hopes of his second-round exit, which he hoped to win the third title after winning with Zambia and Cote d'Ivoire. Dasper also gave the tournament with Uganda the same role after making good performances.

Martinez went out with Mauritania in the group stage after a satisfactory performance in the first appearance of the "Almoravid" team. Minnier with Kenya is also in the same role.

Herve Renard Marokkanischer Nationaltrainer  (Getty Images / AFP / F. Senna)

Morocco coach Ronar was himself a third African national before he took the tournament from the second round

The three coaches who are still in the quarter-finals today are facing a quarter-final against Michel Dossouier, Benin's strong Senegalese side, led by Alio Cisse. On Friday, French coach Alain Gereis faces Madagascar coach Nicolas Debois. Which means that at least one French coach will reach the semi-finals of the tournament.

He may go away and win the title despite the difficulty of competing with other coaches: Senegalese Cisse, German Gernot Rour (Nigeria), Algerian Belmadi, Scotland Baxter (South Africa) and Ivorian Ibrahim Kamara.

Salah Sharara

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