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German Interior Minister Horst Zehofer has cut short his summer vacation over the death of an eight-year-old boy at Frankfurt's main train station. A spokesman for the ministry said on Monday (July 29, 2019) that the minister intends to meet heads of security services "because of several serious crimes in the recent period."

"The circumstances of the heinous crime are still not known, and the investigative authorities now have a duty to uncover these circumstances as quickly and comprehensively as possible," he said. Zohofer will hold a press conference on Tuesday to provide comprehensive information on the crime.

The head of the Hessen government, Volker Bouffier, expressed his shock at the crime, saying: "It is astonishing to push a mother and her child in front of a moving train.

Police: There is no connection between the suspect and the victim

Police said initial investigations into the crime of payment at Frankfurt's main railway station showed no connection between the suspect and the victim. Police suspect that the man killed the woman in fear of murder, saying he was 40 years old.

According to eyewitness accounts, the man pushed the child and his mother in front of a high-speed train at the main train station in Frankfurt, killing the child from his wounds, while his mother managed to save herself by standing in a barren area. She said the suspect tried to push a third person to the bars, but he managed to save himself.

Police are investigating the man for murder and attempted murder. You are currently evaluating videos. The suspect has yet to give any account of the charges against him. The suspect fled immediately after the crime, but the police managed to arrest him outside the station with the help of witnesses.

The incident recalls another crime in Germany last week when a woman died after being pushed by a man under the wheels of a train at a station in North Rhine-Westphalia.


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