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The Supreme Administrative Court of Lower Saxony on Tuesday (31 July 2019) rejected an asylum request by an Iraqi man and his sister. The court confirmed that there was no longer a risk that the Yazidis would be prosecuted in northern Iraq. The judge justified his ruling that the Yezidis' persecution was no longer possible since the militias of the Islamic State were expelled from there.

It is noteworthy that the organization "Daash" had besieged in August 2014 more than ten thousand members of the Yazidis in Mount Sinjar, and the families and enslavement of thousands of Yazidi women and children, and killed thousands of men, while some managed to escape to European countries, including That's Germany.

The nine judges of the court felt that the ruling was constitutional. The primary courts have been assessing the security situation of the Yazidis in northern Iraq differently since the situation there.

In a related context, the Yezidi community in Lower Saxony intends to commemorate the massacre on Saturday and use the occasion to go to Germany to thank for sheltering.

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