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The head of the German Institute for Labor Market Research and Employment, Ulrich Valfay, said in an interview with the newspaper "Welt" on Tuesday (30 July 2019) that about 35 percent of people able to work who arrived in Germany since 2015 from the eight major countries that Including refugees, who are currently engaged in work. These countries are Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, Pakistan, Nigeria, Somalia and Iran.

According to Valfay, This figure represents about 400,000 people, indicating an upward trend.

But only 44,000 of about 1.2 million people from these countries have recently undergone vocational training, the institute said.

"Overall, the tendency for training among refugees is still high," Valfay said, stressing the need to improve training support.

"There are four branches that are particularly important for integration into the labor market," he said. "Too many have been hired by temporary labor agencies, which generally play an important role in bringing migrants into the labor market. Simple in the production sector, cleaning and catering services.

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