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WDR has filed a criminal complaint for a death threat against a journalist. There were reports on Friday that Spib was directed against the editor of the Monitor program, Georg Restla.

In his comment on July 11 on the program "Today's Topics" on the German Channel 1, Ristela was critical of the right-wing "Alternative for Germany" party. The journalist described the party as the "parliamentary arm" of the extremist "identity movement", calling for the "Alternative for Germany" party to be classified as a far-right party.

The Press Association of the North Rhine-Westphalia State condemned the threat, as quoted by the ARD website from the Federation of Journalists, and wrote: "We condemn the murderous messages directed against the journalist, Georges Restla, and stand by him."

The exact contents of the threat letter to the journalist have yet to be known. It is not yet clear whether the network has filed a communication against an unknown person or against a particular person. "The speech appeared to be from the far-right spectrum," said a spokeswoman for the network in Cologne, western Germany. On Friday, prosecutors were not available in Cologne to ask him about the incident.


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